Neighborhood Brewery Finds the Power in EV Chargers and Recently Renovated Tasting Room

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Civil Life Brewery, a neighborhood brewpub in Suburban St. Louis, faced challenges during the pandemic like many in the service industry; reduced or no indoor seating, lack of demand for community-inspired spaces, and uncertainty of what the future would hold. But, instead of giving up, owner/operator Jake Hafner decided to double down on his product and his facility.

Enter NECA Contractor Schaeffer Electric and IBEW Local 1 craftsmen and women, who through both an updated brewery and the addition of EV charging stations out back (and an Utility EV Program tax credit), Civil Life Brewery was able to reinvent itself and forge ahead into a more electrified future.

The NECA/IBEW Powering America Team is well known for working closely with local businesses all across the country, and Civil Life Brewery is no exception. It provides expertly trained workers with an attention to safety, and high quality end-products that culminate in positive working relationships or partnerships with many.

Civil Life Brewery is a shining example of how innovation and collaboration can lead to success. The next time you take a seat at your local brewery, a family restaurant, or spend time at the EV charger in the parking lot, rest assured knowing that the installation was likely completed by the qualified, skilled, and trained electricians that are a part of the Powering America Team.

00:00 – 00:30 – Get to Know Civil Life Brewing
00:30 – 00:50 – Challenges Faced During the Pandemic
00:50 – 01:11 – How Civil Life Brewing Responded
01:12 – 01:52 – How NECA and the IBEW Helped
01:53 – 02:58 – The NECA / IBEW Powering America Partnership
02:58 – 03:18 – Outro

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