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Canadian Electrical Worker (electricalworker.ca) was created by Darryl Schmidt, a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers Local Union 993. Despite the creator being a strong union member, all electrical workers in Canada are invite and encouraged to participate.


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Create and participate in conversations with other Canadian electrical worker professionals.

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We’re importing news from several locations around the internet, including current project sites, union locals, and other various site. Member of the website are invited to comment on news posts and discuss in the message forum.

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View a growing list of Canadian construction projects, shops, etc and add yourself to any project that you’ve worked on.

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Going to a camp job and want to share the cost? Use our Ride Share system to find a match.


The growing Resources section of the website will host articles and information to help you in your electrical career.

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Coins and pins from different locals and organizations are a hot commodity whenever electricians get together. If you have a unique coin or pin, you can add it to the collectibles section of the website. If you have or like a collectible, you can indicate that on someone else’s post.

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