National Lineworker Appreciation Day – 1620

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On behalf of 1620 Electrical Workers, I would like to wish all Lineworkers a happy National Lineworker Appreciation Day. Today is a day for all Canadians to celebrate, recognize and honour the achievements, dedication and hard work of all Lineworkers in Canada.

In recognition of this important day, a milestone for all line workers in Canada, 1620 Electrical Workers would like to take this opportunity to show its appreciation and gratitude to our amazing 1620 members who, every day and every night, in every type of weather condition, work selflessly to supply and restore power to every community in our province. Keep doing what you do and keep safety first!

Your dedication is greatly appreciated!

Lineworkers Know How to Get the Job Done Safely!
Thank You for All That You Do.

  • Don Murphy

    Business Manager/Financial Secretary

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