Line Maintenance Planner – Permanent

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Competition #: NLH-CF-24-075
Location: Churchill Falls

You will be responsible to perform detailed short term planning and short term scheduling for the Lines & Stations Department, monitor all work requests and arrange outage schedules, crafts, materials and required drawings/manuals to ensure work orders are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. All other duties as assigned.
You will be responsible for personal safety and that of co-workers by observing and promoting the Corporation’s Safety and Health Program. You will also be responsible for any environmental aspects of the job and performing work in an environmentally responsible manner.
You have successfully completed a Journeyperson Certificate as an Operating Line Worker, preferably through an Apprenticeship Program with experience in the maintenance of transmission, distribution, and terminal station equipment and you have five (5) years’ experience in the field/trade following certification.
Additionally, you have successfully completed Modules 1, 5, 6, 7 of the Maintenance Management Professional Certification Program OR Carver MPE&S 402.

Please note the successful candidate is required to relocate to Churchill Falls, NL. Relocation and accommodations support will be provided. Visit our website to learn more about our Churchill Falls operations and community
Please also refer to attached LOU entitled “Line Maintenance Planner Qualifications” for additional information on qualifications.

CLOSING DATE: June 20, 2024

Between International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 2351 (THE “UNION”)
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (THE “EMPLOYER”)

Re: Line Maintenance Planner Qualifications/Posting

This letter will clarify and confirm our understanding of the following:
Appendix “B” — Line Maintenance Planner Standard Job Duties and Qualifications – Operations Unit Collective Agreement

This letter will confirm our understanding regarding the current vacancy within the Maintenance Planning Department/Section for the permanent Line Maintenance Planner position.

Upon posting the permanent Line Maintenance Planner position twice, both internally and externally, no fully qualified candidates applied as per the qualifications for Line Maintenance Planner as outlined in the Standard Job Duties & Qualifications, Appendix B of the Operations Unit Agreement, Management wishes to re-post this position internally.

This posting will be open to internal candidates with a Journeyperson Certificate as an Operating Line Worker. The successful applicant must also have five (5) years working experience as a Journeyperson Operating Line Worker trade following certification. Additionally, the successful candidate must have completed Modules 1,5,6,7 of the Maintenance Management Professional Certification Program OR Carver MPE&S 402.

In the event there are no applicants as outlined above, applicants with a Journeyperson Certificate as an Operating Line Worker and who has five (5) years working experience in the certified trade following certification, will be selected as per the provisions of Article 12. The successful applicant would immediately enroll in the Carver MPE&S 402 upon commencing the job and successfully complete within twelve (12) months of enrollment in the course opportunity and offering. Employees selected will be considered to be on a temporary assignment and upon obtaining the Carver MPE&S 402, they will be awarded the Permanent Line Maintenance Planner position. If the successful applicant does not successfully complete the Carver MPL&S 402 within the specified timeframe, they will revert back to their permanent position, as per Article 12. Permanent employees will return to their regular classification, and Temporary employees will be laid off.

If the successful applicant does not have the Carver MPE&S 402 completed, they will be paid Group 10 of Appendix A, Hourly Wage Rates. Upon successful completion of the Carver MPE&S 402, the successful applicant will be paid at Group 13.

All other relevant articles of the Operations and Office Workers Collective Agreements will apply.

This is a without prejudice settlement and shall not be utilized by either party as a precedent or in any future proceedings as between the parties, excepting only proceedings to enforce the terms and conditions of the within settlement. This is a temporary measure. This letter will expire upon a successful applicant being awarded this posting.

I agree to the terms noted within this Letter of Understanding.

Signed by Sabrina Morris (HR Specialist) and Mike Brophy (Vice President IBEW 2351)

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