Discover 10 Licenses In Canada To Help Earn More In 2024

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Last Updated On 6 February 2024, 9:37 AM EST (Toronto Time)

Canada, known for its strong job market and diversified economic options, offers a variety of licenses and certificates that can greatly increase your earning potential.

Whether you’re entering a new industry or trying to advance your talents, obtaining the appropriate license can lead to higher-paying career prospects.

In this post, we’ll look at licenses in Canada that could help you make more than normal 9-5 jobs, paving the door for career growth and financial success.

Trade Red Seal Certification

The Trade Red Seal Certification is a nationally recognized standard for many crafts, including carpentry, plumbing, and welding.

Tradespeople not only make a good living, but the Canadian immigration department is also currently favouring them by offering an easy pathway to permanent residency (PR).

Acquiring this certification demonstrates a high degree of skill and competence in a certain trade.

Tradespeople with a Red Seal Certification frequently make competitive hourly pay, and there is an increasing need for skilled tradespeople in Canada.

Getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is essential for those who want to work in transportation.

This license permits individuals to operate commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses.

Jobs that require a CDL frequently pay more per hour, particularly for long-haul truck drivers or those delivering hazardous commodities.

In Canada, there is still a great demand for skilled drivers, making a CDL an invaluable asset.

Truck drivers are also in demand for Canadian immigration.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) license provides access to a fulfilling profession in healthcare.

LPNs collaborate with registered nurses and physicians to provide essential patient care.

Canadian provinces like Nova Scotia are now offering easy licensing route for internationally trained nurses.

With the growing demand for healthcare professionals, especially in long-term care homes and community health settings, LPNs can make attractive hourly wages that frequently exceed their usual earnings.

Electrician Licence

Skilled trades, especially electrical work, are in high demand in Canada. Earning an electrician’s license through apprenticeship and certification programs can lead to high-paying positions.

Electricians are essential in many areas, including building, maintenance, and manufacturing.

With hourly rates that reflect the specialized nature of their work, qualified electricians can make more than normal wages.

Real Estate License

A real estate license enables people to act as real estate agents or brokers. In the thriving Canadian real estate market, this license allows you to earn big commissions.

Successful real estate agents who thrive in sales and customer satisfaction can easily get out of the 9-5 circle and have financial freedom, particularly in high-demand regions.

Licensed Practical Hairstylist

For those interested in the beauty industry, obtaining a Licensed Practical Hairstylist can lead to a rewarding profession.

Skilled hairdressers are always in demand, and obtaining a license demonstrates a dedication to professionalism and competence.

Many hairstylists earn quite more than $25 per hour, and those who develop a loyal clientele frequently see their earnings increase.

Security Guard License

Many security occupations require a security guard license. Licensed security guards are in high demand as safety and security concerns spread throughout businesses.

Positions in retail, events, and private security organizations can pay more than $21, making this license a viable path to a solid and well-paying career.

Forklift Operator’s License

A forklift operator license is an extremely useful tool in logistics and warehousing operations.

Forklift operators are critical for efficient material handling, and their specific skills result in higher hourly salaries.

As e-commerce and supply chain businesses expand, qualified forklift operators become increasingly sought-after, providing prospects for competitive pay.

Professional Engineer License

Obtaining a Professional Engineer License is an important step toward career advancement for engineers.

Professional engineers create, analyze, and implement complicated projects.

With their specific knowledge, licensed engineers can command high hourly rates, particularly in industries such as civil engineering, where demand is consistently high.

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) License

Health and wellness services are increasing in Canada, and obtaining a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) license can lead to a successful career in this industry.

RMTs, licensed professionals who perform therapeutic massage services, are in high demand due to their ability to promote relaxation and reduce physical stress.

Many RMTs earn significantly more than $25 per hour, making this license a means to financial success.


In Canada, having the appropriate license can be a strategic move toward advancing your career and increasing your earning potential.

The above-mentioned licenses cover a wide range of industries, reflecting the different opportunities accessible in the Canadian work market.

Whether you want to work in healthcare, transportation, skilled trades, or the service industry, obtaining the proper licenses can put you on track to earn more than normal jobs, offering financial security and prospects for advancement.

Exploring these licenses and certificates as you choose your career path will help you establish a successful and rewarding professional journey in Canada.

Kamal Deep Singh, RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) licensed by CICC (formerly known as ICCRC) with member number R708618. He brings extensive knowledge of immigration law and new changes to rapidly evolving IRCC.


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