Cassandra Klein: Triton Project Manager – JGC

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Can you give me a brief overview of what you do in your work?

As Project Manager, I take a project from inception to completion while ensuring our Triton team has all the skills and resources required to execute the work. I also provide mentorship to field staff that are new to the company, and occasionally, I will fulfill the role of Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) by remotely overseeing the technical execution of work and being responsible for QA/QC.

If you could give advice to anyone starting on a large project like this one, what would it be?

Take it all in. Not many people get the opportunity to work on a world-class project like this and it’s a cool opportunity. Also, be reassured that the Project team is sincere about safety, the environment, and workplace respect.As a local, what have YOU brought to the project that non-locals couldn’t have?

As a local to the project, I bring a sincere commitment to ensuring the project is developed in an environmentally responsible manner. I have a vested interest in fish returning to our local rivers each year, wildlife being protected, and habitat remaining intact. I have two daughters (Sophia – 4 yrs old, and Mya – 2 yrs old) that I intend to take camping, hiking, and fishing when they grow up, and I hope to instill the same passion in them that my father did in me when I was a young child.

What would you say most motivates you to do what you do? What are you most excited or passionate about?

As a local, born and raised in Terrace, I remember a time when our economy was struggling, and many young people were moving away from the area. I also grew up spending a lot of time in the outdoors, fishing, camping, and hiking in this area, and I grew a strong appreciation for this beautiful place. I am excited to see diverse opportunities come to our area and am proud to play a part in ensuring projects are developed in an environmentally responsible manner.

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