20 Most In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs in Ontario for 2024

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Last Updated On 13 November 2023, 8:53 AM EST (Toronto Time)

High-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs: The largest province of Canada, Ontario, is going through a revolutionary period of expansion and development.

Skilled trades are essential to this development because they design the services, technology, and infrastructure that characterize the province.

In this article, we’ll delve into the 20 in-demand skilled trade jobs for 2024 that will not only propel the economy but also offer better Canadian permanent residency (PR) prospects.


The hidden heroes driving Ontario’s lit skyline are electricians with a focus on building and upkeep.

As the province continues to grow and urbanize, these professionals are in high demand for everything from wiring new buildings to guaranteeing the continued functionality of existing facilities.


Plumbers, who make up the foundation of provincial plumbing infrastructure, ensure a steady flow of water in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Plumbers are essential to the province’s development because of the increase in construction projects and the emphasis on sustainable water management.


Carpenters are the master craftsmen that create the framework for buildings, creating works of art that are examples of their skill.

Skilled carpenters are in high demand to build everything from residential homes to commercial buildings as the province sees a construction boom.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) specialists are essential to preserving cozy interior spaces.

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly important, making HVAC specialists in demand in both the residential and commercial sectors.


The architects of metal fusion, welders, build dependable and long-lasting structures for a wide range of industries.

Skilled welders are in great demand in Ontario, where manufacturing and construction are booming industries and guarantee the integrity of everything from bridges to machines.

Construction Estimators

With their precise cost estimations, construction estimators serve as the financial architects of the construction sector.

Estimators play a critical role in guaranteeing the feasibility and financial success of construction projects in Ontario’s cutthroat construction market.

Powerline Technicians

The installation and maintenance of the power lines that keep Ontario powered depend heavily on powerline experts.

With the province making investments in its energy infrastructure, these experienced craftsmen are essential to maintaining a consistent and effective power supply.

Industrial Electricians

20 Most In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs in Ontario for 2024

At the core of Ontario’s manufacturing economy, industrial electricians make sure that sophisticated machinery runs smoothly.

As automation and technology progress, there is an increasing need for qualified industrial electricians.


Installing and maintaining large machinery is the responsibility of millwrights, who are the industrial world’s mechanics.

Millwrights are essential to Ontario’s advanced manufacturing sector because they keep production lines operating efficiently.


In sectors where high-pressure piping systems are common, steamfitters and pipefitters are essential.

These experienced tradespeople are in great demand in Ontario because of the province’s diversified manufacturing and industrial industries.

Construction Superintendents

Construction superintendents manage construction sites and oversee projects from start to finish.

Skilled construction superintendents are in high demand due to their organizational and leadership abilities in Ontario’s fast-paced construction sector, where deadlines and quality control are crucial.

Heavy Machinery Operators

The masterminds behind the potent machinery utilized in infrastructure and building projects are heavy equipment operators.

These knowledgeable operators play a crucial role in forming Ontario’s physical landscape, as there are continuous development projects all around the province.

Elevator Mechanic

For the upkeep and installation of escalators and elevators in both residential and commercial buildings, elevator mechanics are essential.

As metropolitan areas in Ontario continue to expand vertically, there is a growing need for qualified elevator mechanics.


Craftspeople that specialize in bricklaying are in charge of building long-lasting and beautiful constructions.

Bricklayers with expertise are in high demand in Ontario because of the province’s varied architectural landscape, which includes everything from residential homes to commercial complexes.

The artists of manufacturing who create precise instruments for a variety of industries are known as tool and die makers.

These knowledgeable craftspeople are essential to Ontario’s sophisticated manufacturing sector because they produce high-quality parts for the aerospace, automobile, and other industries.

Metal structure fabrication and installation are skills that sheet metal professionals possess.

Because of their reputation for accuracy and efficiency, competent sheet metal workers are highly sought after in Ontario’s vibrant construction sector, which values design innovation.

Building Inspectors

On building sites, construction inspectors are essential to upholding quality and safety standards.

Building safe and sustainable structures is Ontario’s top priority, so having qualified construction inspectors is essential for adhering to regulations.

Concrete Finishers

20 In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs in Ontario for 2024

The craftspeople who shape and finish concrete surfaces to guarantee their longevity and beauty are known as concrete finishers.

Skilled concrete finishers are in high demand in the construction industry, where both practicality and design matter.

Plastering and Drywall Contractors

Plastering and drywall contractors are necessary to add the final touches to construction.

Because of their proficiency in designing elegant interiors, qualified contractors in Ontario’s booming real estate industry are in high demand and command competitive salaries.

Building Services Mechanics

Building services mechanics are responsible for maintaining the essential systems that keep buildings livable and operational.

These trained tradespeople are in high demand and receive competitive pay for their knowledge of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in Ontario’s diverse urban terrain.

In summary:

Skilled trades are the threads that connect innovation, wealth, and advancement in the dynamic tapestry of Ontario’s economy.

Furthermore, tradespeople have always been a theme for Canadian immigration, which is now becoming an even more attractive way to get permanent residency.

These 20 in-demand skilled trade positions highlight how important these workers are to the future development of the province.

The need for skilled crafts is expected to increase as Ontario develops and grows because they offer rewarding professions and the chance to live in a resilient and prosperous province that is built on innovation and practical experience.

What are 5 main sectors of skilled trades?

1. Construction: This sector includes various trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, masonry, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

2. Manufacturing: Skilled trades in the manufacturing sector involve operating machinery, welding, machining, assembly, and maintenance of equipment.

3. Automotive: This sector includes trades related to automotive repair, such as auto mechanics, collision repair, and automotive painting.

4. Engineering: Skilled trades within the engineering sector involve trades like welding, pipefitting, millwrighting, and industrial maintenance.

5. Service Industry: This sector includes trades like hairstyling, esthetics, culinary arts, and hospitality-related trades.

Note: These sectors may vary depending on the region and specific industries.


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