Wendy Craft: Administration Manager, JFJV - JGC

How long you have been in Kitimat?

My family goes back to the late 1950s, coming to Kitimat to work at Alcan, the Aluminum smelter. My grandparents moved here from Winnipeg and my Mom moved with them. She met and married my Dad here and I was born soon after. Growing up in Kitimat was great. Our high school had 1200 students attending when I graduated. Lots of kids and young families, I met my husband here, and we raised our family here. Kitimat is great for kids!

As an experienced professional living locally, what does working on the project mean for you and your career?

This project is kind of full circle for me. In my previous career in banking, I was very involved in the community. I was a part of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce where we were very involved in promoting the community for LNG projects among others. I was asked to sit on the LNGC Community Advisory Committee. For 2 years we learned all about Liquid Natural Gas Projects, how it would affect our community and the benefits it would bring along with some of the challenges. To now be working on this project in the role I am in is very exciting and rewarding

As a local, what have you brought to the project that non-locals couldn’t have?

My knowledge of the community. I am constantly asked questions about Kitimat; how do the locals feel about us? Where are the best hiking trails? I think I connect them to where they are geographically as well as make them feel welcome here.

What LNG means to you, your community, and the future?

LNGC is allowing Kitimat to thrive. Being a resource-based community, we have had our ups and downs. We certainly have felt them. Now we are building a world-class LNG facility, we are hiring locally, and supporting locally. With LNG Canada’s success, perhaps more economic development can happen. Kitimat has much to offer- a beautiful community with a gateway to the world!

For more information on the project and JFJV construction activities, please visit our website at jfjvkitimat.com or our Facebook page at facebook.com/JFJV Kitimat/.

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