These Are Canada’s Highest-Paying Jobs For 2023 & What You Need To Qualify For Them

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Whether you’re thinking of finding a new job or are figuring out what career you want once you’ve graduated, knowing what Canada’s highest-paying jobs are could help you make that decision.

Not only can you find out what salaries are offered with these high-paying positions but you can also learn what you need to get hired — including university degrees, training programs, and experience.

Recently, Indeed revealed what some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada for this year are since earning potential can often be a factor for people when they decide which careers they want.

The salaries for these positions range from just over $100,000 to more than $300,000 a year!

Many of Canada’s high-paying jobs are in the medical field and require lots of education and training, but there are also positions with high salaries in other industries.

Anesthesiologists have an average salary of $358,908 a year in Canada, making it one of the highest-paying jobs, and you need to complete medical school and five years of a residency program specializing in anesthesiology to get the position.

According to Indeed, cardiologist jobs can also earn you a lot of money as the national average salary is $280,591 per year.

To get hired for that position, you need to get a medical degree, complete residency training specializing in the cardiovascular system for four to five years and register with the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the province or territory you want to work in.

If you want to become a psychiatrist and make one of the highest salaries in this country — $298,065 per year on average — you must have a medical degree from a university.

Indeed shared that physicians typically make $254,847 a year and jobs require a medical degree and the successful completion of a residency program.

For surgeons, the national average salary is $279,646 per year.

You need a medical degree, four to five years of residency, and then two years of studying a surgical specialty to get hired.

If you want to become an orthodontist, you must have a dentistry degree and a specialty license. You also have to register with the regulatory body of the province or territory you plan on working in.

Orthodontist jobs typically have a salary of $209,373 a year.

Moving on from jobs in the medical and dental fields, you could earn $143,044 per year as a software engineering manager in Canada.

To get hired, you need a university degree in systems analysis, business administration, computer science, engineering or a related field and several years of experience in a management position, according to Indeed.

Chief marketing officer positions require a university degree in marketing, communications, business administration or a related field.

The national average salary is $109,196 a year but that could be even higher if you have a master’s degree in business administration!

Indeed also revealed that director of information technology jobs typically offer salaries of $117,890 per year.

To get hired for this position, a university degree in computer science, business administration, commerce, engineering or a related field is required.

Randstad, a talent company with resources for job seekers and employers, shared that some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada for 2023 are full stack developer ($75,000 to $130,000), financial analyst ($80,000 to $120,000), and human resources manager ($80,000 to $110,000).

Also, solutions architects can earn $84,000 to $130,000 a year, electrical engineers can take home $80,000 to $115,000, and executive assistants can make from $60,000 to $96,000.

Salaries are “trending up” in various industries across Canada right now because of skills shortages, talent shortages, and quick job growth, according to Randstad.

Even if you don’t have a post-secondary education, you can still get hired for jobs that pay a lot of money, including ones with salaries that are close to or over $100,000.

In Canada, the highest-paying jobs you can get without a degree are accounting clerk, landscape technician, translator, maintenance manager, mobile developer, electrician, construction manager, realtor, air traffic controller, and more.

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