Richard Budden: Training Coordinator, JFJV – JGC

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If you have been to the LNG Canada project site, you have met Richard Budden. He is one of the first faces people see when starting their first day of work here on the LNG Canada Project. Richard and his team have worked hard to develop an orientation program and continue to work hard to ensure that orientation day is fun, and educational, and is setting everyone up for success on this Project.

With his positive attitude and a permanent smile on his face, we could think of no better person to welcome everyone to the Project.

How long have you lived in Terrace?

I have lived in Terrace for 15 years, but my family history in the region goes back to the 40s. My grandfather used to fish in these waters commercially. My wife is Haisla, and her family has been here for thousands of years.

What is the best part of your job?

My favourite part of the day is getting to meet every person coming to work on this project on their first day. Some are excited, and some are scared. We have put together an orientation day packed full of fun and information to get every worker started on the right foot to succeed on this job site.

What does the LNG Canada Project mean to you?

LNG Canada Project, to me, is an amazing opportunity for the world to meet the north coast of BC and all it has to offer. From the local history to great fishing, to the local First Nations communities. As well, this project has given me a chance to be part of something that will one day provide opportunities to my children, so they won’t have t move away from our community for work.

LNG Canada Project is a great example of culture mixed with industry to create an amazing energy opportunity for the world.

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