Removal of Cofferdam at River Water Intake Begins February 7, 2024 – JGC

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Removal of Cofferdam at River Water Intake Begins February 7, 2024

As part of the LNG processing plant design, water will be sourced from the Kitimat River and used for multiple areas of the LNG Canada Project during construction and operations.

Activities began in Q2 2023 to remove sedimentation build-up at the base of the water intake.

The work has included:

  • Installation of a modified log deflector to address sediment build-up
  • Removal of existing riprap
  • Reshaping of scour protection around the intake structure
  • Installation of Johnson screens to filter out debris, sediment and other unwanted materials from the water

A sheet-pile cofferdam was installed around the intake area, and dewatering activities took place to begin the work in Q3 2023.

Removal of the cofferdam begins on February 7, 2024, which involves the use of a vibratory hammer. Work will periodically occur 24 hours a day through the month of February. During this time, noise levels will be regularly assessed.

All permits, safety and environmental plans will be in place. Public access to the area continues to be restricted while removal activities occur.

If you have an inquiry, please send it to or call the JFJV community feedback lines at 250-632-JFJV (5358).

For more information on the project and JFJV construction activities, please visit our website at or Facebook page at

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