Preview: Fiber Optic Internet Advancements Hit Oregon Coast, IBEW/NECA Team Brave The Terrain

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Can you imagine, in 2023, that there are parts of the USA where not only is high-speed Wi-Fi not available, but neither is dial up or even a single bar of cell service?

As you move away from the big cities, and thriving metropolises, there exists rural small-town America, where life is simpler, but darker… at least connectivity-wise.

Along the coast of Oregon, dotted with small towns and coffee shops, this is their reality. Or was…

Beacon Broadband, in conjunction with IBEW 659 (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and NECA Contractor Keyline Construction, is addressing the demand for fiber optic internet in the region. In these remote areas, residents have limited to no cell phone reception as well as no access to a reliable and fast internet connection – two problems this Teledata Installation project solves from the outset. A third, which in spite of the challenging terrain, and the weather, the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team have taken over this project from a non-union contractor who wasn’t able to perform up to the standards set by the owner.

Yet another challenge which has been overcome is the development of a trained and ready workforce to be not just hands, but low-voltage specialists as this project progresses. These are good, middle-class, union jobs which not only strengthen the local economy but also provide stability and growth potential for the workforce involved.

About 30% complete, with more than 20,000 addresses to be serviced in all at the end of this project, residents, businesses and communities will be able to not just connect, but have fiber optic (ultra high-speed connectivity), enabling them to change the way they communicate.

Despite the challenging terrain, the project’s skilled workforce has diligently worked to tackle the task and provides just another example of the dedication, skill, professionalism, and drive of the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team.


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