“Utility scale” renewable energy projects have the potential to generate enormous amounts of electricity, but often lack the infrastructure required to connect that power from the source to the grid…The Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Project, which spans more than 100 miles from Northeast Iowa to Western Wisconsin, aims to change that.

The construction of this new 345kv line, which is about halfway complete, will provide economic savings, support renewable energy policy and improve electric system reliability once finished; something which requires the skill, experience, safety and productivity of the NECA/IBEW Powering America Team.

Co-owned by ATC, ITC Midwest, and Dairyland Power, IBEW Local 953 and NECA Contractor MJ Electric have so far demonstrated unwavering dedication to completing the project on-time and to the highest standards possible, with a sense of pride and ownership in their work is evident in every aspect of the transmission line’s construction. Despite facing challenging weather and uneven terrain, they’ve persevered, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring the project’s success.

The Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission project serves as a prime example of the valuable partnership that NECA and IBEW continue to develop. Beyond the energy that it provides, the transmission line is also projected to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth, particularly in rural areas.

Learn more about the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line, and the Powering America Team in today’s ETV Feature!


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