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Canadian Navigable Waters Act

JGC Fluor BC LNG Joint Venture (“JFJV”) hereby gives notice that a submission has been added to the Navigable Waters Registry pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act for public comment as described herein and its site and plans.

Pursuant to paragraph 10(1)(b) of the said Act, JFJV has deposited with the Minister of Transport, on the on-line Common Project Search Registry ( and under registry number 8120, a description of the following work, its site and plans:

Placement of riprap erosion protection works on the west bank of Kitimat River, immediately upstream of the former Methanex intake, within Block 1513 District Lot 6267 Range 5 Coast District Plan 10424, off Haisla Boulevard in Kitimat, British Columbia.

Comments regarding the effect of this work on marine navigation can be sent through the Common Project Search site mentioned above under the Comment section (search by registry number 8120) or if you do not have access to the internet, by calling 1-888-499-5358 or visiting the JFJV Project Resource Centre at 234 City Centre, Kitimat, BC.

Note that comments will be considered only if they are received not later than 30 days after the publication of this notice.

Posted at Kitimat, BC this 6th day of July 2023.

Ben Ashton

Permitting Manager

Fluor Canada Ltd., acting for and behalf of JGC Fluor BC LNG Joint Venture


Transport Canada (TC) will not make your comments on a project available to the public on the online public registry. However, any information related to a work is considered as unclassified public record and could be accessible upon legal request. As such, the information and records provided should not contain confidential or sensitive information. If you want to provide confidential or sensitive information that you think should not be made public, please contact TC before submitting it.

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