Monday this week, our construction agreement reached it’s open period. BC’s con

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Monday this week, our construction agreement reached it’s open period.
BC’s construction unions have spent the last year preparing and negotiating the renewal of over 40 collective agreements.
The dedicated IBEW Negotiating Team of Glen Hilton BM Local 993, Ray Keen, BM Local 1003, Jim Lofty BM Local 213, Mandeep Saggu ABM Local 213, and myself Business Manager of Local 230, and the IBEW Bargaining Chair.
Our Team did some very heavy lifting, overcoming many challenges, working early hours and late into our evenings and weekends.
We spent close to 70 days bargaining with our construction employers, in Vancouver.
We signed off on the renewal late last night just after 11:00 PM.
I’m excited to get this proposed agreement out to our members working construction next week, so we can get you, your much needed first wage increase.

Our Local 230 staff is working on making sure we have all Local 230 members working construction email addresses so you can receive the full package, read through and understand it, prior to casting your electronic vote.
Your package will also include a letter from me explaining the proposed changes.
For those who do not have an email, you will have the ability to come to either Local 230 Victoria or Nanaimo offices to cast your vote as of next week as well.
I know the last year has been especially hard on our members with inflationary pressures on your financial decisions.
You will see very soon we dealt with inflation and those financial pressures head-on, not only on your wages, but your potential work-related expenses as well.
Today, the BC Building Trades Bargaining Council will formally decide to accept the changes to all 40+ Collective Agreements, with a decision to accept or reject these changes. So we can get the ballots out to you, to vote on.

Keep an eye on the Local 230 FB Page, and your email throughout next week.