Canadian Rig Count Summary – Another week of increased activity

Canadian rig activity continues to increase after plateauing through much of April and May. The number of active drilling rigs sits at 153 as of June 9, a 24 rig increase compared to June 2. This increase was due in large part to more activity in Alberta, where rig activity grew by 19% compared to June 2 levels. Rig activity in Saskatchewan also picked up over the past week, increasing by 6 rigs. In contrast, the number of active rigs in BC has dropped by 1 since June 2.

As of June 9, there are 102 oil rigs, 46 gas rigs, and 5 for “other” product types. Oil rig activity growth was particularly notable this past week, increasing from 77 on June 2 to 102.

Rig fleet utilization rates have also increased from 33.7% on June 2 to 36.2% on June 9. Importantly, both the number of active rigs (classified as either drilling or moving) and the total number of rigs increased.

For a closer look at this data, visit our rig count tool with data provided by the CAOEC.

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